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Cllr Luke Crouch                                    Cllr Martin Griffin (Chair)                        Cllr Helen Lumley 


Cllr Rob Millard (Vice Chair)                  Cllr Gill Shenoy     

Parish Council meetings are held in the Village Hall, Graveley, at 8pm,on the third Tuesday of the month- These meetings are open to all member of the Parish.

The following information is available to any members of the Parish, on request to the Parish Clerk, can also be found on this Graveley Village website.

The minutes of the Parish Council meetings for the last 2 years
Procedural Standing Orders
Planning documents - response to planning applications
Audit and Accounts
Periodic Electoral Review

Please address any individual questions in the first instance to the Clerk by emailing - 

If needed any concerns/questions can be presented to the full Council at the next available meeting .

Updated May 2019